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Coaching Contributions

*Envisioning Success
*Maximizing Time Use
*Recognizing Priorities
*Exploring Purpose
*Relaxing for Recall

These learning strategies will acknowledge personal strengths while developing any weaker study areas. The student’s school textbooks are used to practice skills, moving toward a methodical improvement of current grades.



Skillbuilders’ Study Skills Program:

Study Skills by Roland’s Skillbuilders is a ten-hour program of study skill lessons which provides each student and parent interactive opportunities to learn and to practice organizational skills which are used in school and in future jobs, including:


An Important Note to Parents!

Your Role is Essential…

During this course a parent and a student attend study skills practice together in regular weekly sessions. We work toward creating a study plan that is best for your family. The goals will include practicing strategies that support learning at home using your own student’s textbooks.

Study strategies with Rolandís Skillbuilders encourages students to take hold of life: their focus, task sequence, product quality. Students apply visualization for motivation, improved reading comprehension and quality product completion. If reading improvement is an issue, phonemic awareness and phoneme sequencing instruction is offered.

> Personal responsibility
> Organization & calendaring
> Sequencing tasks
> Reading & comprehension
> Cornell note-taking & SQ3R
> Routine test preparation

Skillbuilders Tutoring and Educational Assistance:

At any time in life extra assistance with special subjects is important. Skillbuilders helps you improve your skills….for success.

Elementary Students:

Beginning with your student's current reading, math, and comprehension levels, we increase skills in a step-by-step program designed just for you. A free, initial interview is welcomed! During the first formal session, goals are set. An evaluation may be given based upon those goals and information provided. A personalized program is created with you to prepare your child to work independently, while enriching any areas that need strengthening. Commonly tutored Elementary School subjects often include:

*early childhood skill enrichment, gross motor skills *English language, writing basics
*improved handwriting, fine motor skills *math fundamentals
*reading basics *reading & math comprehension
*report and project completion *testing basics

Secondary, Pre-College Students, Home Schooling, Adult Improvement:

Commonly tutored subjects are: writing, grammar, reading comprehension, science preparation, history comprehension, SAT or ACT Preparation, GED knowledge and practice.
Basic to these subjects are personal preparations: increased maturity and responsibility, daily planning and goal-setting, calendaring, test-taking strategies, comprehension improvement in conversation, in writing, and in reading, development of self-discipline. Many of these responses involve improvement in the visualization aspects of mentally conceptualizing information! Mental imagery is a foundation of all higher order applications of new material to make it manageable for test preparation or to create reports.

Reading Emphasis

So many learning needs have a relationship to reading skills that our program uses educational methods in comprehension based upon accurate reading. Fundamental attention to phonemic processing is applied whether a student has minor need for comprehension improvement, or has a more complex need… possibly a form of dyslexia, professionally referred to as Auditory Processing Disorder. The phonemic sequencing method used to improve this reading disability is discussed thoroughly in material presented by our resource organizations. Additional time commitments and fees for this treatment can be discussed with you.

Attendance and Tutoring Fees:

Programs are available to fit your schedule all year long.
Parent/student Study Skills fee (10 sessions): $320.00
Individual tutoring fee: $ 26.00 per 50 minute session
Initial Test Battery (optional) $120.00

(Possible travel fees not included Effective date: 1-01-‘05)

How do I begin?

1. Please contact us with questions:
2. Tutoring specialists at many levels are available in:
*Math *Writing
*Science *History *Spanish
We will make every effort to match a tutor to your specialized time, location and learning needs.


Roland’s Skillbuilders works in cooperation with fine professionals. Many of these have enriched this business since its inception in 1991:

Strategic Education, LLC, with Overland Park, Kansas and Independence, Missouri offices provides testing services to identify and pursue reading improvement. Reading through improved auditory processing by phonemic development is their specialty! All ages are welcome for school or employment success!

The Gifted Learning Project is an excellent educational resource to learn about dyslexia and reading remediation: Ask about the DART Program. DART raises and distributes resources to help individuals with auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, improve their reading skills.

Learning Disabilities Worldwide is an organization that provides parents and educators with up-to-date information on intervention, diagnosis and management in the field of learning disabilities. Contact them at

A valuable information source available to all parents is The Study Systemizer by Gertie Max. It is available at your local book stores, or order it through

Please contact us to help you find answers to your educational needs.
We will look forward to talking to you. Thank you!

Roland’s Skillbuilders: Study Skills, Reading, &Tutoring
B.Roland, M.S. Educational Psychology, (Kansas City Area)
Reading Clinician...Educational Counselor...Member, Learning Disabilities Worldwide… Parent